Monday, December 30, 2013

Armored Truck Paper Model - by Papermau - Some Advances

 photo armortruckmau0021_zpsdfd05fc7.jpg

Here are the templates of the Armored Truck Paper Model. Now I will make a test build and fix the errors that may happen with the model. Download very soon.

 photo armortruckmau0878989_zps9065efd9.jpg

Aqui estão as peças do modelo de papel do Caminhão Blindado. Agora irei fazer a montagem de teste e corrigir os erros que porventura apareçam. Download muito em breve.

 photo armortruckmau0021545aaa56_zpsea8f42a5.jpg

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  1. This is another great paper project ...(just need to adjust the "scale" of my print-out to 1/6th ) and a Great accessory for my figures....
    A very Happy New Year my Friend... from Marshville...
    your Friend "fiend" ...and faithful follower Stacey / the Doctor

    1. Hello, Stacey,

      Many thanks for your always nice words!

      A great year for you and all yours and be strong with the bad things!

      All the best,