Thursday, December 26, 2013

Armored Truck Paper Model - by Papermau - More One Next Project

 photo armoredtruckpapermau0004_zps514c22f3.jpg

This Armored Truck is based on the ancient armored vehicles from the WWI. I'll try to keep it simple and finish it quickly.

 photo armoredtruckpapermau0005_zpsadc54d91.jpg

Este Caminhão Blindado é baseado nos antigos veículos blindados usados durante a Primeira Grande Guerra. Eu tentarei não fazer muitos detalhes e terminá-lo rapidamente.

 photo armoredtruckpapermau0006_zps3bd79611.jpg

More soon. / Mais em breve.

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  1. If I were to alter the size (to 1/6th scale) ...This would be great for my Villain Figures... ... Looking forward to this project good Sir...
    your friend and follower from Marshville..
    Stacey / the Doctor....