Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad - Final Episode Today! - And A Bunch Of Paper Toys

 photo breakingbadlogpaperjkj11_zpse558e218.jpg

Are you prepared for the last episode of Breaking Bad? To help you wait while the hours pass slowly, here are some paper toys that will keep your hands busy so you can avoid biting your nails to the flesh.

Você está preparado para o episódio final de Breaking Bad? Para ajudá-lo (a) a esperar enquanto as horas passam lentamente, aqui estão alguns paper toys que manterão suas mãos ocupadas, evitando assim você que roa as unhas até a carne.

 photo haysenbad14355_zpsdc496bcf.jpg


 photo brekbed359t8r9t8_zpsf70909d8.jpg

Link Mr. White:

Link Jesse Pinkman:

 photo brakingheisenoiuiu_zpsbd072e9b.jpg


 photo breakbad0011111x1_zps972a740e.jpg
 photo breakbad00111222x2_zps325bd3a2.jpg


 photo mrwhitedres_zps50bfio_zps8a695a92.jpg


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