Thursday, September 26, 2013

1900`s German Working-Class Apartment - by Bastelbogen Online

Model Assembled and Photos by SarienSpiderDroid

This is a model of an apartment in Berlin around the year 1900. It has two rooms, the loo is outside in the stairways. It was meant for a working-class family. Hans-Dieter Richter made the template for this to be used as teaching material in schools. - SarienSpiderDroid

Este é um modelo de papel de um apartamento em Berlim por volta de 1900. O banheiro ficava fora, subindo as escadas. Este tipo de habitação era típica para famílias da classe operária. O Sr. Hans-Dieter Richter criou o modelo para ser usado como material de apoio na escola. - SarienSpiderDroid

Link: 1900`

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