Friday, April 26, 2013

Mazinger Z - Boss Borot Robot Paper Model - by Anime Mania

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The Anime Version
From Italian website Anime Mania, here is the Boss Robot paper model. - Boss Borot is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series Mazinger Z, first premiering in episode 48. Within the story, Boss Borot was created by three engineers from the Photon Power Laboratory and piloted by Boss and his cohorts Mucha and Nuke. Boss Borot (and Boss himself) serve as the comic relief in Mazinger Z, a role they would continue to play through the Mazinger timeline, reappearing in Great Mazinger, Grendizer, the OVA Mazinkaiser and most recently in Shin Mazinger. The latter part of its name comes from the Japanese phrase for "crumbling" in reference to its construction from scrap metal. - Wikipedia

Do site italiano Anime Mania, eis aqui o modelo de papel do Boss Borot Robot. Boss Borot é um Mecha do anime e mangá Manzinger Z e sua primeira aparição se deu no episódio 48. Na história, borot é criado por três engenheiros do Photon Power Laboratory e pilotado por Boss e seus comandados Mucha e Nuke. Boss Borot e o piloto Boss são o lado bem humorado de Mazinger Z. - Wikipedia


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