Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Tasty Sandwich Paper Model - by Kids Nifty

The Real Thing
A sandwich is a food item, consisting of two or more slices of bread with one or more fillings between them. Sandwiches are a widely popular type of lunch food, typically taken to work, school, or picnics to be eaten as part of a packed lunch. They generally contain a combination of salad vegetables, meat, cheese, and a variety of sauces or savoury spreads. The bread can be used as it is, or it can be coated with any condiments to enhance flavour and texture. They are widely sold in restaurants and cafes. The first form of sandwich is attributed to the ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder, who is said to have put meat from the Paschal lamb and bitter herbs inside matzo (or flat, unleavened bread) during Passover. During the Middle Ages, thick slabs of coarse and usually stale bread, called trenchers, were used as plates. After a meal, the food-soaked trencher was fed to dogs, beggars, or eaten by the diner. The first English usage of the word appeared in Edward Gibbon's journal, referring to "bits of cold meat" as a 'Sandwich', named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th-century English aristocrat. It's said that Lord Sandwich was fond of this food because it allowed him to continue playing cards while eating, without getting his cards greasy. It would be fun to say in 1781, created by the Earl of Sandwich, but in fact, people had been tucking meat or cheese into bread for years before the 4th Earl of Sandwich- but his name gets the credit. - Wikipedia

John Montagu,
4th Earl of Sandwich
Sanduíche (do inglês sandwich), também popularmente chamado de sanduba (português brasileiro) ou sande ou sandes (português europeu), é um tipo de alimento que consiste em duas fatias de pão, entre as quais é colocada carne, queijo ou outro tipo de alimento. Também pode ser feito com um pão inteiro, geralmente de pequenas dimensões. Os sanduíches são, habitualmente, consumidos ao lanche ou como uma refeição rápida, durante o almoço ou o jantar. Conforme o historiador Edward Gibbon, seu nome teria se originado em 1762 a partir de John Montagu, quarto conde de Sandwich, aristocrata inglês do século XVIII, que tinha o hábito de comer pedaços de carne entre duas fatias de pão durante as suas intermináveis jogos de cartas. Um dos seus parceiros de carteado, James Cook, deu o nome de Sandwich a ilhas do Oceano Pacífico descobertas por ele em 1778. Hoje, tais ilhas são chamadas de Havaí. Existem, no Oceano Atlântico, a sudeste da América do Sul, as desabitadas ilhas Sanduíches do Sul. Daí em diante, o sanduíche, nas suas mais diversas formas, se popularizou internacionalmente, especialmente em países como Inglaterra, Países Baixos, Alemanha, Itália (bruschetta, tramezzino, panino), Estados Unidos (cachorro-quente, hambúrguer) etc. - Wikipedia


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