Friday, February 1, 2013

Pikmin - Captain Olimar Paper Model - by Paperlegend


"Captain Olimar is the protagonist of the Pikmin series. He discovered the Planet of the Pikmin and the Pikmin species. He is the only employee of any merit who works at Hocotate Freight, and in the first Pikmin game, captains a customized company ship; the S.S. Dolphin." - Paperlegend

"Capitão Olimar é o protagonista da série Pikmin. Ele descobriu o planeta dos Pikmin e seus habitantes. Ele é o único funcionário que se importa na empresa de transportes espaciais Hocotate, e no primeiro jogo da série Pikmin , ele é o capitão de um navio, o Dolphin SS." - Paperlegend


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  1. With just a few changes you could have "Billy" , from the cartoon "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"....
    I would really like a "paper-project" of "Grim" from that series... The Doctor....

    1. Hello, Dr. Theda,

      Here are they: