Monday, December 17, 2012

1900`s Vintage Bazaar Paper Model - by Agence Eureka - Camelô Antigo


This really beautiful and full of details 1900`s vintage diorama representing a little toy bazaar is was preserved and now is shared by French website Agence Eureka.

Este belíssimo e centenário diorama, cheio de detalhes representando um pequeno bazar (ou barraca de camelô) foi preservado e agora é compartilhado pelo site francês Agence Eureka.


Link: 1900`

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  1. Hi Mauther,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful toy printie.
    That is perfect for my nostalgic toyshop.
    I wish you a merry x-mas and all the best for 2013
    A big hug from Germany

    1. Hello, Sonja,

      Many thanks for your kind words and for the visit!

      All the best things to You and all yours!

      A Merry Christmas from Brazil to Germany! :)


  2. Hi Mauther,
    My name is Leo, from Argentina.
    I´ve seen your blog and you have really interesting things!
    My real hobby is Playmobil, and I´ve found some great stuff to combine with them.
    How is the process to get this models? Should I buy it? Or there some links to download?
    Thanks for your time


    1. Hello, Leo,

      All the models are free to download. Just look at the tag "Playmobil" at the right side of the blog. At the end of each post you will find a link to download the models, always for free. Any doubt, please just tell me, ok? You can write to my e-mail:

      Greetings from Brazil!