Saturday, October 6, 2012

1817`s British Steam Boat Ship Caledonia - by Kallboys


The city of Mondorf stopped to watch in 1817, the steam boat Caledonia up the River Rhine, without the aid of sails or animal traction. There were other steam boats on the Rhine, but the Caledonia was the first to reach Mondorf. This really beautiful paper model in 1/100 scale was created by German designers from Kallboys website.


A cidade de Mondorf parou para ver, em 1817, o barco à vapor Caledonia subindo o Rio Reno, sem ajuda de velas ou tração animal. Havia, outros barcos à vapor no Reno naquela época, mas o Caledonia foi o primeiro a alcançar Mondorf. Este belo modelo de papel em escala 1/100 foi criado pelos designers do site alemão Kallboys.


Link to the Caledonia`s model: 1817`

Link to Kallboys main page: Kallboys.German.Paper.Models.Main.Page

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  1. Another great work Mauther .
    Cheers .

  2. Hello, Captain LOL,

    Thanks for your words and for the visit, but I have to say that this is not my assembly. These images are from Kallboys website. :)

    Greetings from Brazil, Captain! :)



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