Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dookie-Poo Arcade Set Paper Toy - by Toys Are Evil


Designed and created by "Multiple-Talents"-Manny Galan, the DOOKIE ARCADE Paper Kit includes the coin-eater-game-machine, an additional modular NINTENDON'T Entertainment System and a paper-shirt for Dookie-Poo, who even has an extra tuff of fringe! - Toys Are Evil


Projetado e montado pelo multi-talentoso designer Manny Galan, o Arcade Dookie-Poo Kit inclui uma máquina de arcade engolidora de fichas, mais um videogame Nintendo SNES e ainda uma camisa para vestir seu Dookie Poo, que ainda vem com uma franja extra! - Toys Are Evil



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