Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WW2`s Consolidated PBY Catalina Aircraft Paper Model - by Paragon


A beautiful paper model of the WW2`s Consolidated PBY Catalina Aircraft, created by designer James Gemperline, from Paragon Card Models website. Take a look at Paragon`s page to find generic instructions for this model.

Um belo modelo de papel do Avião da Segunda Grande Guerra, o PBY Catalina, criado pelo designer James Gemperline, do site Paragon Card Models. Dê uma olhada pelo site de Paragon para achar instruções genéricas para este modelo.

The Real Thing

"One of the most heavily produced and common American aircraft before and during WWII, the PBY was a versatile aircraft that saw service in every branch of the military". - Paragon

"Um dos aviões norte-americanos mais produzidos antes e durante a Segunda Grande guerra Mundial, o PBY Catalina era uma aeronave versátil que prestou serviço em todos os ramos das forças armadas". - Paragon

Link: WW2`s.Consolidated.PBY.Catalina.Aircraft.Paper.Model.by.Paragon

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  1. I have a wish. That wish being for Paragon Cardmodels to fix what ever the problem is so the
    Always Catalina.pdf (from the movie "Always") and be down/loader by one and all from http://www.freewebs.com/paragon19/wwii.htm. I have his other PBY, just that one is missing and of course it's my favorite. Most so then the others. I PM him at Paper Moderlers but never got an answer back. May he is busy. Sometimes we all are. All my best, waddy