Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sidewheeler Paddle Steamer Paper Model - by Canon - Barco À Vapor


The Real Thing
A paddle steamer is a boat with paddle wheels on the sides that are turned by a steam engine, propelling the boat forward. A paddle steamer on the ocean or a river is quite an impressive site, with its paddle wheels turning away and black smoke puffing out of its large chimney. In the old days, boats needed people to make them move through the water, or sails, which require technical operation, but in the latter half of the 18th century when the steam engine was utilized, the paddle steamer was developed. In the mid-19th century, with the improvement of the steam engine, and utilization of the screw propeller, the number of paddle steamers being produced began to drop. There are two types of paddle steamers: sidewheelers, which have paddle wheels on both sides, and sternwheelers, which have a single wheel at the back. This papercraft model is based on the sidewheeler type. - Canon


PhotobucketEste é um Barco à Vapor movidos por pás laterais. A visão de um barco deste tipo hoje em dia, é bem impressionante, assim como era antigamente, com seu moinho de pás laterais e suas chaminés soltando uma espessa fumaça preta. Este tipo de embarcação surgiu na segunda metade do século XVIII e foi sendo aperfeiçoado ao longo do Século XIX.
Há dois tipos de barcos à vapor movidos por pás: o com pás localizadas na popa, ou parte de trás e os com pás localizadas nas laterias. Este modelo, é obviamente baseado no barco à vapor com pás laterais.


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