Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Władysława Zalewskiego`s Biplane WZ-X - by Modele Kartonowe

Model Assembled and Photos by Han Jae-Ho

Władysław Zalewski was one of the pioneers of aviation and here you can download and assemble one of its most iconic models, in 1/33 scale.

Władysław Zalewski foi um dos pioneiros da aviação e aqui você pode baixar e montar um de seus modelos mais emblemáticos, na escala 1/33.


Mr.Władysław Zalewski with his WZ-XI ”Kogutek”
Władysław Zalewski (January 21, 1892 in Warsaw – November 25, 1977 in London) was a Polish aviation engineer, constructor of aeroplanes and aeroplane engines. Since 1939 he lived in Great Britain. In the years of 1908–1913 Zalewski constructed biplane WZ I and its 20 hp engine.
In 1912 he constructed with his brother Bolesław, the monoplane WZ II. During the years of 1915–1916 he built two tetraplanes, in which one was flying on the frontline.
During the interwar period Zalewski built biplane WZ VIII (1919), fighter plane WZ X (1923–1926), sports plane WZ XI (1927) and the first Polish four-engined heavy bombing plane PZL-3 (1928–1930; built in France as Potez 41) made in PZL. - Wikipedia

Biplane CWL WZ-X
O Polonês Władysław Zalewski (1892-1977) foi um engenheiro, construtor de aviões e motores. entre os anos de 1908 à 1913 Zalewski construiu seu biplano WZ I. Em 1912, juntamente com seu irmão, ele construiu o monoplano Bolesław WZ II. Durante os anos de 1915 e 1916, ele construiu dois triplanos, que foram usados nas linhas de frente dos campos de batalha. Durante o período entre-guerras Zalewski construiu vários aparelhos, entre eles o biplano WZ VIII (1919), o caça WZ X (1923-1926), o avião de acrobacias WZ XI (1927) e o primeiro avião bombardeiro polonês, com quatro motores, o PZL-3 (1928-1930). - Wikipedia

The Real Thing

Link: Władysława.Zalewskiego`s.Biplane.WZ-X.by.Modele.Kartonowe

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  1. I'm impressed with the planes paper-models!
    they have the same look as plastic models!
    (but I suppose that they are not easy to build...)


    1. You are right, Sam, this is a really complex model!

      Thanks for the visit!


  2. Incredible paper-model-plane! I love it, a great model!

  3. this is, the best papercraft model of s ll time!! although this is 2016, it has no flaws other than the complexity, and the fact you need to print it in different kinds of paper. 180 - 80 grams, so keep thst in mind. now people are screaming, IF they stumbled upon this page becuzz 2012, how do you get it, i csnt find it!!! now, if you click tje link you get redirected to a polisch domain server. a dead end. but just copy the URL and go to: Waybackmachine. paste the URL. it may take a second but it finds the same polish fomain server. now there is a timeline on the upper right corner. draw it all the way back to 2008 (above also works, but dont know how far it can get) and you will get 4 pictures of parts, and a LOT. download everything, just works with pdf. DONT forget 'instuktja' because without, its impossible to build. then, print it an you have a totaly free, 20 euros worth, high end, high quality and highly detailed modelplane!!i really like this thing!! i hope I helped somebody. i stumbled upon this a few days ago. i didnt thought i could still get it. glad i got it. sucsess to every one who wanna build it.

    they say: "nothing is for free in this life". no, not all, but there is certainly a lot that is!