Thursday, June 7, 2012

1911`s Harley-Davidson 7A Paper Model - by Alan Grayer

Model Assembled and Photos by Alan Grayer

A perfect replica of a 1911`s Harley-Davidson Model 7A, made by British designer Alan Grayer. Mr. Grayer says: - "This is a model I have developed myself, spurred by the amount of effort I had to put into the Flying Merkel. Having gone so far, I wanted to have something of my own which I could offer to the community of paper modellers".

Uma réplica perfeita de uma Harley-Davidson Modelo 7A, de 1911, criada pelo designer britânico Alan Grayer. O Sr. Grayer diz: - "Este é um modelo que eu desenvolvi, estimulado pela quantidade de esforço que eu tive que colocar no Merkel Voador( outro belo modelo do Sr. Grayer). Tendo ido tão longe, queria ter algo meu que eu poderia oferecer à comunidade de modelistas em papel".


The scale is 1:7, producing a model approximately 300mm x 80mm x 150mm (12" x 3" x 6"). There are just over 400 parts.

Link: 1911`

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