Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Weekend Pic - The Clock Tower Diorama - by Papermau

Today I realized that I did not post "The Weekend Pic", then, three days late, here is the model of the week, with the respective link to its assembly :

Hoje me dei conta que não postei o "The Weekend Pic", ou "Foto Do Final De Semana", então, com três dias de atraso, eis aqui o modelo da semana, com o respectivo link com as fotos de montagem:

Link to download the model: The.Clock.Tower.Diorama.by.Papermau.Torre.do.Relógio

Link to the assembly of the model: The.Clock.Tower.Diorama.Assembly.With.Photos.via.Le.Forum.En.Papier

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  1. Hello. This is wonderful! The downloadlink doesn't work anymore, would you be so kind to re-upload it? THANKS!

  2. Alright sorry i found the link in another post. Thank you!