Friday, February 3, 2012

Star Craft 2 - Battle Cruiser Paper model - by Keonseuteobeul


An incredible model of a Battle Cruiser spaceship, from Star Craft 2 videogame, by South Korean designer Keonseuteobeul. The model is in .PDO (Pepakura Format), so you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version to see and print the model (link to download this program at the end of this post).

Um incrível modelo de um Battle Cruiser spaceship, do jogo de videogame Star Craft 2, do designer Sul-Coreano Battle Cruiser spaceship. O modelo está em .PDO (Formato Pepakura), então você irá precisar do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta, para ver e imprimir esta nave (link para baixar este programa no fim deste post).



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