Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confederate Submarine Hunley Paper Model - by RocketmanTan

Here a nice model by designer Bryan Tan, a.k.a. RocketmanTan. Bryan has a DeviantArt page, where he share his models. He launches a new model every week. Thanks, Bryan, for this nice model!

Eis aqui um modelo do designer Bryan Tan, também conhecido como RocketmanTan. Bryan tem um site no DeviantArt onde ele compartilha todos os seu modelos. Toda semana Bryan lança um novo modelo. Obrigado, Bryan, por este modelo muito legal!


Launched in July 1863, the HL Hunley was the CSA's response to the Union Blockade that had choked off most of the Confederacy's supply lines. Torpedo boats and rams had made up much of the Confederate Navy, and were more or less, ineffective. Previous semi-successful attempts at building submarine boats had been tried, but only one had managed to sink a Union Warship. This boat was the Hunley. On February 17, 1864, the Hunley crept out of Charleston Harbor under cover of darkness and water. The crank powered sub, crewed by eight men, managed to embed the spar torpedo in the blockade ship USS Housatonic. The sub's propeller was reversed, and she tried to make her way back to port. The torpedo exploded (some historians say it did so prematurely), and the Hunley sank, taking down all eight of her crew. The Housatonic also went down, taking with her five men. To this day, no one knows the exact reason for Hunley's foundering. - Bryan Tan



Link: RocketmanTan.On.DeviantArt.Main.Page

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    1. Hello, Shanimal,

      This model was made by Bryan Tan, aka RocketmanTan. If you want to know something about his work, visit his page at DeviantArt (link at the post) and let a message. I think he will be happy to answer to you.

      Thanks fro the visit and greetings from Brazil!