Thursday, December 29, 2011

Decorative Cactus Paper Models - by Canon


1 - Cactus - Columnar Cactus - Gaze at this beautiful cactus paper craft for a moment and you will find yourself in a relaxed, tranquil mood. It's the perfect decoration for any room. Also looks great when displayed with a notocactus-uebelmannianus or prickly-pear. Columnar cacti are column shaped cacti native to Mexico. There are many different species of columnar cactus, and not many are classified within the same genus. In recent years, they have become known for their ability to absorb electromagnetic waves. - Canon


2 - Cactus - Notocactus Uebelmannianus - Looks great when displayed with a prickly-pear or columnar-cactus. The notocactus uebelmannianus is a spherical-shaped cactus of the notocacteae tribe. It is native to lowland areas of South America such as Brazil, and can grow to more than 10cm in diameter. It begins to flower when it reaches a size of about 6cm across, with reddish purple flowers that bloom for around three days. - Canon


3 - Cactus - Prickly Pear - This little cactus looks great when displayed with a notocactus-uebelmannianus or columnar-cactus. The prickly pear is a fan-shaped cactus belonging to the opuntieae tribe, native to south-western America and Mexico. In summer it bears yellow flowers, and it is known for its stalk and reddish-purple fruit which can both be used as food. - Canon


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