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WW2 Czech Ship President Masaryk - by Rawen


The Real Thing
The largest military ship of the Czechoslovakian state – President Masaryk – was launched to the Dunaj River in October 1930. The construction work was performed by Škoda Works a.s. in the leased shipyard in Komárno in 1929. The armour plate and other metallurgical material was supplied by the Iron Works Poldi Kladno, steam turbines, machinery and armament was made by Škoda Plzeň and steam boilers Škoda in Hradec Králové. Its home port was Bratislava. In September 1931, trial operation was lunched and till 15th March 1939 when the independent Slovakian State was declared it had patrolled the border between Slovakia and Hungary. Then the ship was handed over to Germany. During WWII it was renamed to become Bechelaren. After war in 1947, it returned to Bratislava and from 1951 it served as a support ship of an engineer company in the Czechoslovakian Army. In 1956 the Ship was dismantled in Komárno shipyard and the hull was used as a support pontoon until 1978 when it was scrapped. -

The Ship, Captured By Germans
O maior navio militar da Checoslováquia. o Presidente Masaryk, foi lançado ao Rio Dunaj em outubro de 1930. Em 1939, quando a Checoslováquia declarou-se um Estado livre, o Presidente Masaryk passou a patrulhar suas fronteiras com a Hungria. Neste mesmo ano, com o começo da Segunda Guerra, o navio foi capturado pela Alemanha e incorporado às forças do Eixo com o nome de Bechelaren. Ao término da Segunda Guerra ele foi devolvido à Checoslováquia e ficou em serviço até 1956, quando foi desmantelado em Komárno. Seu casco foi usado como uma espécie de porto de apoio até 1978, quando foi definitivamente afundado.


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