Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jeep SAS Desert Rats Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

 photo imagem98-080887878787_573x480_zps630b3abc.jpg

As I promissed, here is the Jeep SAS Desert Rats Paper Model, ready to download! In the downloadable file you will find two templates of tires (easy way and not so easy way)and photos of the assembled model. Because this is not a hard to build model, instructions will be made if someone ask for it. Enjoy!

 photo Semtiacutetuloiooio_640x396_zpsf2fd44b1.jpg

 photo ogipoirpouifbfjkdfd_zps082c5aa9.jpg

Como prometido, eis aqui o modelo de papel do Jeep SAS Desert Rats, pronto para download! No arquivo para baixar você encontrará dois tipos de pneus para montar (um jeito fácil e um jeito não tão fácil) e muitas fotos do modelo finalizado. Por esse não ser um modelo difícil de montar, só farei as instruções se alguém pedir. Bom divertimento!

 photo i8o787870987987098676jjj_601x480_zps76017a6a.jpg


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  1. Thanks so much. Everything is beautiful ^^

    1. Hello, Friend,

      Thanks for your words and for the visit!

      Greetings from Brazil! :)


  2. Hey, could you send this file to my email? my email is

  3. Hey, can anyone give me an instruction?

    1. Sorry, no instructions for while... but it is not hard if you is familiar with paper models. It is a very intuitive model. start with more simple models.

      Thanks for the visit and greetings from Brazil!


  4. Mauther, estou te enviando via e-mail as fotos deste modelo que montei.
    Como ex-militar, fiz apenas alguns ajustes nas colagens de alguns acessórios.
    Grande abraço!

  5. Hello sir! I can't download it, they ask me for the phone number to subscribe for something. How can I download it? It is soooo beautiful! My email

    1. Hello, friend,

      You don`t need to give phone number or pay nothing. Pay attention:

      Click on REGULAR DOWNLOAD, wait the seconds that will appear, so click on the "PLAY" box to reveal the security word, type this word and click continue. The download will start.

      Any doubt, just tell me, ok?

      Greetings from Brazil!


  6. A video making this will help a lot


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