Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Billy Sweet Monster Paper Toy Series - by Tougui


Four nice paper toy by French designer Tougui: Billy Sweet Monster Paper Toy Series.

Quatro paper toys bem legais do designer francês Tougui: Billy Sweet Monster Paper Toy Series.

Link to Ana Galvan Paper Toy: Billy.Sweet.Monster.Ana.Galvan.Paper.Toy.by.Tougui

Link to Malota Paper Toy: Billy.Sweet.Monster.Malota.Paper.Toy.by.Tougui

Link to Miss Miza Paper Toy: Billy.Sweet.Monster.Miss.Miza.Paper.Toy.by.Tougui

Link to Miss Junto Paper Toy: Billy.Sweet.Monster.Miss.Junto.Paper.Toy.by.Tougui

Link to Tougui`s website main page: Tougui.French.Paper.Toys.Main.Page

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