Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Old Service Station Paper Model - by Papermau - More Advances


  1. Looks great so far! Just a couple of thoughts and ideas, remembering some of the old gas stations from my youth around here (Ohio, USA), the steps up to the doors would most likely be poured concrete, as would the foundation "slab" of the building, so there should be some concrete visible at the foot of each wall (the wood wouldn't go all the way to the ground). Large paving stones would be very unusual... a station like this would probably have had a gravel parking area, and the walkways around to the back might be poured concrete, gravel, or even dirt and grass (very rural). There was always a hose for inflating tires, sometimes the compressor was inside the building, but sometimes outside, but there was usually a sign with "AIR" or "FREE AIR" nearby. Air stations like these were VERY common.

  2. A very nice model, will make it in 1:43 for some of my collected modelcars. Will it br possible in this scale?
    Greetings from the Alps, Gwyn

  3. When will this be ready for download?