Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Adidas Sneaker Paper Model - by AW-LAB - via Paper Toy France

Originally offered by AW-LAB, but now only available at Paper Toy France website, this Adidas Sneaker is a very original paper model.

Originalmente oferecido pela AW-LAB, mas agora apenas disponível no site da Paper Toy France, este Tênis da Adidas é um modelo de papel bem original.


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  1. This is from 2013 and the download link is down.

    1. The link is on at Paper Toy France. Just click at the design of the Sneaker "AL ORIGINAL REPRESENT" to find the PDF.

    2. If you mean the picture under "Une création d’AW LAB à télécharger à cette adresse ou directement en cliquant sur l’aperçu qui suit :" that's the broken link. It just defaults back to

    3. No, Shadeee, on the page of Paper toy France, you look for the last and fourth image. Is the template of the Sneaker. Click on the image and choose "save link as" and you will save a PDF file in high resolution, instead a simple JPG image. Any doubt, just tell me, ok?