Friday, September 12, 2014

1948`s Fend Flitzer Three-Wheeled Paper Model - by Kamaboko

 photo frendzercarpapermodel001_zps72fcd127.jpg

This 1948`s Fend Flitzer Three-Wheeled paper model was created by Japanese designer Kamaboko. The Fend Flitzer was a three-wheeled invalid carriage designed and built by Fritz Fend. The Fend Flitzer established many of the basic concepts on which Fend's later Messerschmitt Kabinenroller microcars were developed. About 250 Flitzers were built between 1948 and the end of production in 1951.

 photo frendzercarpapermodel002_zps9f1c41e4.jpg

Este modelo de papel do Fend Flitzer Three-Wheeled, 1948, foi criado pelo designer japonês Kamaboko. O Fend Flitzer era um veículo de três rodas projetado e construído por Fritz Fend. O Fend Flitzer estabeleceu muitos dos conceitos básicos sobre os quais se desenvolveram os micro-carros Messerschmitt Kabinenroller. Em torno de 250 Flitzers foram construídos entre 1948 e 1951, o ano em que se encerrou sua produção.

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