Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station Paper Model - Assembled by Micro

German modeler Micro built the Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station!
O modelista alemão Micro montou o Posto de Gasolina Abandonado da Rota 66.

 photo IMG_3151_zpsb4edd85b.jpg
Is always a honor see one of my models built by a friend modeler!
É sempre uma honra ver um de meus modelos montado por um amigo modelista!

 photo IMG_3174_zpsa6683f97.jpg
In the picture above you can get an idea of the size: each small square of the cube has one centimeter.
Na foto acima você pode ter uma idéia do tamanho: cada pequeno quadrado do cubo tem um centímetro.

 photo IMG_3159_zps581e7e6e.jpg
Details of the gas pumps.
Detalhes das bombas de gasolina.

 photo IMG_3175_zps69784059.jpg
A "Historical Style Photo".
Uma "Foto Em Estilo Histórico".

If you want to build your own Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station Paper Model, you will find the link to download it below:

Se você quiser montar o seu próprio Posto de Gasolina Abandonado da Rota 66, o link para download se encontra logo abaixo:

Link to download the model:!

Link to Micro`s original post:

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  1. a very nice model: I've seen it many time here and I like it!
    The old-style photos are very beautiful too!

    1. Hello, sam,

      Glad to see you here!

      thanks for your kind words and greetings from Brazil!



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