Friday, August 17, 2012

WW2`s IJN Hybrid Battleship Ise/Hyuga - by MegaMoonLiner


Designer Fábio Coelho, aka MegaMoonLiner, created this beautiful paper model of the Battleship Hyuga, of the Imperial Japanese Navy.


O designer Fábio Coelho, aka MegaMoonLiner, criou este belo modelo de papel do Couraçado Hyuga, da Marinha Imperial Japonesa.

The Real Thing - 1943

Hyūga, named for Hyūga Province in Kyūshū, was an Ise-class battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy laid down by Mitsubishi on 6 May 1915, launched on 27 January 1917 and completed on 30 April 1918. She was initially designed as the fourth ship of the Fusō-class, but was heavily redesigned to fix shortcomings. Hyūga was extensively updated and reconstructed from 1926–1928 and 1934-1936. During WW2, Hyuga participated on the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, United States in Dec 1941 as an escorting battleship, but did not see action After the war, Hyuga was raised between 2 Jul 1946 and 4 Jul 1947 and broken up for scrap by the Kure Drydock of Harima Zosen Yard. - Wikipedia

Link: WW2`s.IJN.Hybrid.Battleship.Ise/

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