Saturday, December 10, 2011

Indonesian Helicak Vehicle Paper Model - by Royaje Papercraft


An unusual Lambretta/Rickshaw type contraption from Indonesia, these Helicaks (because they look like a Helicopter, presumably) are one of the odder Lambretta conversions I've seen. They were introduced in Jakarta in the early '70s, but by the late '80s were deemed unsafe, as in an impending accident, the drivers tended to abandon ship, leaving the passengers trapped in the fibreglass cab to take the brunt of the collision. -

PhotobucketUma espécie de Lambreta ou Rickshaw feita na Indonésia, esta Helicak (chamdas assim talvez por causa de parecerem um pequeno helicóptero), é uma das conversões mais estranhas feitas com Lambretas que eu já vi. Elas foram introduzidas em Jacarta no início dos anos 70, mas no final dos anos 80 foram consideradas muito inseguras: quando batiam as Helicaks, os motoristas tendiam a abandonar o navio, deixando os passageiros presos na cabine de fibra de vidro para fugir da responsabilidade da colisão. -


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  1. This file is hosted on If you want to download it I would suggest using Firefox for the download link to show...I tried to download with Internet Explorer and the web page will not show the link. Caution!...This web site is extremely slow..I am downloading the file as I write this and this 458K (1/2 meg) file is taking 18 minutes to far I am at 19 percent... it may take an hour to complete. I HOPE it is worth it.

  2. You are right, Kc4mts!

    I try to download it, but I don`t have patience. I cancel the download! It`s sad, because that is a great model...

  3. Hi Mauther!
    I was took 3 and one half hours to download the file. I did not recieve your email yet but as soon as I do I will send you a copy. It looks like a nice model and it is a simple to build one.

  4. thank you, Kc4mts. I apreciate this. I agree with you, this is a really nice model and fun to build.
    Greetings from Brazil!


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