Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Medieval Dice Tower - by Paper Make It - Torre para RPG Games


Very different model for RPG gamers or just to decorate your room.

What is a Dice Tower?
In many boardgames and wargames, a nodal point is represented by the dice, that must be rolled somewhere directly on the table, risking to be confused among other elements in the game.
A Dice Tower is a device to cast the dice avoiding to hit the structures and the miniatures standing on the boardgame. It is useful also as a compliting part of the structures themselves, depending on the theme of the game (i.e. medieval age in the present case).
The Dice Tower is built in three modules: the top, the floor, the basement. In this way the final model could be easily modified changing parts of it. One nice option is to add more than one floor, creating a taller Tower. - Paper Make IT

Modelo bem diferente para jogar RPG ou apenas para decorar.

Link: Medieval.Dice.Tower.by.Paper.Make.It

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  1. Hola soy un profesor italiano, estaría interesado en el modelo de la torre medieval, pero no puedo descargarlo, puede ser que me ayude? muchas gracias Giuseppe. giuseppe.dibari1@gmail.com

    1. Hi,

      You can download the complete dice tower here:



      Greetings from Brazil to Italia!



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