Saturday, May 6, 2017

Star Wars - Death Star Playset Paper Model - by Erick Stormtrooper

"Thanks to Dan "The Man" Curto, who graciously disassembled this huge play set and scanned it in pieces. The play set has been completely scanned though, and Dan even scanned the clips that hold it together. These many scans are currently bundled together in one convenient ZIP file. Since most of the pieces of the play set are double sided, many pieces in the ZIP file are named with a "-1" and "-2" appendix, to indicate that they go back-to-back." - Erik Stormtrooper - This playset is suitable for 3,75 inch miniatures.

"Obrigado a Dan "The Man" Curto, que cuidadosamente desmontou este enorme playset e escaneou-o em pedaços. O conjunto foi completamente escaneado, e Dan até mesmo digitalizou os clipes que originalmente prendem o playset. Tudo convenientemente agrupado em um arquivo ZIP. Uma vez que a maioria das peças do conjunto são dupla face, muitas peças no arquivo ZIP são nomeadas com um "-1" e "-2", para indicar que eles vão de costas um para o outro." - Erik Stormtrooper - Este playset é adequado para miniaturas de 3,75 polegadas.


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  1. We saved the link (Bookmarked) your other post on this wonderful project !!
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