Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Star Trek - USS Discovery NCC-1031 Paper Model - by Shep
via Cardboard Warriors

This 2.5D model of the USS Discovery NCC-1031, from Star Trek universe, was created by designer Shep and was originally posted at Cardboard Warriors forum, to compete on Papercuts 2016 Contest. Anyone can participate in this contest by simply register on the forum (which is free, as well as the participation in the competition) and can even win prizes.

 photo star.trek.papercraft.via.papermau.002_zpscwwdacy9.jpg

Este modelo em 2.5D da nave USS Discovery NCC-1031, do universo de Star Trek, foi criado pelo designer Shep e foi originalmente postado no forum Cardboard Warriors, para competir no Concurso Papercuts 2016. Qualquer um pode participar deste concurso, bastando para isso se registrar no forum (o que é de graça, assim como a participação no concurso) e ainda pode ganhar prêmios.

 photo star.trek.papercraft.via.papermau.003_zpsexhp1psk.jpg


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