Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Day At The Park Vintage Paper Model - by Unknown - via Papermau

I do not know who the author of this paper model or what the company that published it. I know it is from France because of the text. I made this animation above so you can get an idea of the beautiful perspective effect that the assembled model offers. If you like, download it easily directly from Google Drive.

 photo A.Sunday.At.The.Park.Vintage.Paper.Model.via.Papermau.banner.001_zpsylvhal3p.jpg

Eu não sei quem é o autor deste modelo de papel ou qual a companhia que o publicou. Sei que é da França por causa do texto. Eu fiz esta animação acima para que se possa ter uma idéia do belo efeito de perspectiva que o modelo montado oferece. Se você gostou, baixe-o facilmente direto do Google Drive.

Download: A.Day.At.The.Park.Vintage.Paper.Model.by.Unknown.via.Papermau

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  1. Hi, a question, what's the name of the software You've used for this simulation?

    1. Hello, Teo,

      I use Sketchup version 6 to make the 3D and to make the animation I use an online free program called Ezgif ( http://ezgif.com/maker ).

      Thanks for the visit and greetings from Brazil!



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