Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Star Trek - 1980`s M&M Star Trek Action Fleet Paper Models
via Collecting Candy

Preserved and shared by Jason Liebig, from Collecting Candy website, these Star Trek Action Fleet paper models will crack a lot of smiles on the faces of the fans of the classic science fiction series. Visit Collecting Candy to download the models and know more about these rare models.

 photo star.trek.action.papercraft.via.papermau.002_zps5ripaang.jpg

Preservado e compartilhado por Jason Liebig, do site Collecting Candy, esta Frota de Naves da Star Trek vão abrir um monte de sorrisos nos rostos dos fãs da clássica série de ficção científica. Visite o site da Collecting Candy para baixar os templates e saber mais sobre estes modelos.

 photo star.trek.action.papercraft.via.papermau.003_zpseu0bpxbj.jpg

Link: Star.Trek.1980`s.M&M.Star.Trek.Action.Fleet.Paper.Models.via.Collecting.Candy

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