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Albert Speer's Volkshalle Paper Model In 1/750 Scale - by RocketManTan

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Created by North American designer Bryan Tan, aka RocketManTan, this is the Albert Speer's Volkshalle, a really well done paper model in 1/750 scale. - The Volkshalle (“People's Hall”), also called Große Halle (“Great Hall”) or Ruhmeshalle (“Hall of Glory”), was a huge domed monumental building planned by Adolf Hitler and his architect Albert Speer for Germania. The project was never accomplished. The word Volk had a particular resonance in Nazi thinking. The term völkisch movement, which can be translated to English as "the people's movement" or "the folkish movement", derives from Volk but also implies an otherworldly and eternal essence. Before the First World War, völkisch thought had developed an attitude to the arts as the German Volk; that is, from an organically linked Aryan or Nordic community (Volksgemeinschaft), racially unpolluted and with its roots in the German soil of the Heimat (homeland). - Wikipedia

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Model of the Volkshalle .

Criado pelo designer norte-americano Bryan Tan, aka RocketManTan, este é o "Pavilhão do Povo", um modelo de papel muito bem feito na escala 1/750. - O Volkshalle (pavilhão do povo) foi um grande projeto feito para a cidade Welthauptstadt Germania, planejado por Albert Speer e aprovado por Adolf Hitler. Ficaria em Berlim. O projeto tinha como base o Panteão de Roma, e na visão de Speer, seria o principal monumento dele para a Welthauptstadt Germania. Segundo o próprio Hitler, o prédio devia ter pelo menos 10 vezes o tamanho do Panteão de Roma, para demonstrar o tamanho do Regime Nazista. Speer logo repreendeu o Führer, dizendo que seria o alvo perfeito para bombardeiros inimigos. O prédio nunca foi construído, devido à extinção do III Reich. - Wikipedia

Link: Albert.Speer's.Volkshalle.Paper.Model.In.1/

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