Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1952`s Nesh Ambassador Golden Airflyte Paper Model - by Michael Golke

 photo nashambassadorpapermodel001_zps2a2ce6fc.jpg

This beautiful paper model of the classic 1952`s Nesh Ambassador Golden Airflyte was created by German designer Michael Golke, from Mike`s Paper Garage website. You can choose between different colors and to download the template, click the top of the site, on the right, where it says "Nash Ambassador" in blue letters.

 photo nashambassadorpapermodel002_zps4fc185a5.jpg

Este belo modelo de papel do clássico Nesh Ambassador Golden Airflyte foi criado pelo designer alemão Michael Golke, do site Mike`s Paper Garage. Você pode escolher entre diversas cores e para baixar o template, clique na parte superior do site, do lado direito, aonde está escrito "Nesh Ambassador" em letras azuis.

Link: 1952`s.Nesh.Ambassador.Golden.Airflyte.Paper.Model.by.Michael.Golke

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