Monday, May 6, 2013

This Is Not Paper, But... - Handcrafted Wood Garage - by Dr. Koji - Garagem De Madeira Artesanal

 photo chinagarage3333_zps6f2f617b.jpg

If you want to know how Japanese craftsman Dr. Koji made this reaaly cool Wood Garage, take a look at his website. You will find the link to his site and for a photo gallery with the step-by-step of this nice assembly at the end of this post. Thanks, Dr.Koji, for all these nice images!

 photo chinagarage1111_zps85e2fd82.jpg

Se você quiser saber como o artesão japonês Dr. koji criou esta bela Garagem de Madeira, dê uma olhada em seu website. você encontrará o link para seu site e também para a galeria com o passoa-passo desta bela montagem. Obrigado, Dr. Koji, por estas belas imagens!

 photo chinagarage2222_zpsd61de867.jpg

 photo chinagarage4444_zps86b54356.jpg

Link to Dr.Koji`s Wood Garage photo album: Dr.Koji`s.Handcrafted.Wood.Garage.Photo.Album

Link to Dr. Koji`s website main page: Dr.Koji.Japanese.Artisan.Website.Main.Page

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  1. Paper, plywood and some cars:


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