Monday, July 30, 2012

Semi-Automatic Rifle AR-15 Paper Model - by Hoborginc - Fuzil AR-15

This stunning paper model was created by North American designer Hoborginc. The AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56 mm, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle, with a rotating-lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation or long/short stroke piston operation. It is manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. The AR-15 was first built by ArmaLite as a selective fire assault rifle for the United States armed forces. Because of financial problems, ArmaLite sold the AR-15 design to Colt. The select-fire AR-15 entered the US military system as the M16 rifle. Colt then marketed the Colt AR-15 as a semi-automatic version of the M16 rifle for civilian sales in 1963. The name "AR-15" is a Colt registered trademark, which refers only to the semi-automatic rifle. - Wikipedia

Este modelo incrível foi criado pelo designer norte-americano Hoborginc. A AR-15 é uma carabina desenvolvida pela Armalite e depois vendida para a Colt, que a lançou sob o nome de fuzil M16, conseguindo sua adoção pelo exército dos Estados Unidos, sendo que foram realizadas modificações no projeto original, ampliando sua precisão e confiabilidade, até chegar ao atual rifle de assalto M4A1. - Wikipedia


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  1. I know this wasn't intentional but the AR-15 was the main weapon used in Aurora, Colorado Batman movie mass murder. Posting it so soon might be considered a bit insensitive.

    1. Sorry, Anonymous, but only now, with your comment, I called one thing to another. I can assure you that this post was not meant to "impact"! over the tragedy. There will always be tragedies and disasters happening somewhere in the world with something that exists as a cause or as part of what happens. It would, as you say that if I post a model of a train is offensive, why the same model of train derailed in India killing dozens of people. I respect the pain of my North American friends, that is what I have to say ...

      Sorry by my bad English...




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