Tuesday, January 15, 2019

40k Space Marine Paper Toys For RPG & Wargames - by Fold Up Toys

Alex Gwynne, the British designer and modeler from Fold Up Toys website, created these nice 40k Space Marine paper toys. Alex says: - "These Space Marines were part of a larger series of concept pieces exploring table top war games and miniature scales".

Alex Gwynne, designer e modelista britânico do site Fold Up Toys, criou estes paper toys bem legais de Space Marines. Alex diz: - "Estes Space Marines fazem parte de uma série maior de peças conceituais que exploravam war games e escalas em miniatura".

Link: 40k.Space.Marine.Paper.Toys.For.RPG.&.Wargames.by.Fold.Up.Toys

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