Friday, June 1, 2018

Star Wars - Naboo Spacelines Starspeeder 1000 Paper Model
by Disney Family

Offered by Disney Family website, this is an easy-to-build paper model version of the Naboo Spacelines Starspeeder 1000 spacecraft. On Star Wars universe, the Naboo Spacelines StarSpeeder 1000 is a modified StarSpeeder 1000 spacecraft used by interstellar travel agency Star Tours to operate flights bound for the Mid Rim planet Naboo.

Oferecida pelo site da Disney Family, esta é uma versão em papel bem fácil de montar da espaçonave Naboo Spacelines Starspeeder 1000. No universo de Star Wars, a Naboo Spacelines StarSpeeder 1000 é uma espaçonave StarSpeeder 1000 modificada usada pela agência de viagens interestelar Star Tours para operar vôos com destino ao planeta Naboo.


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