Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Heroscapers - Dice Bowl Paper Model For RPG & Wargames
by AliasQTip

Created by designer AliasQTip, this hexagon shaped dice bowl features the logos of all six Valkyrie generals and is easy to construct out of standard card stock. Great for your RPG and Wargames.

Criado pelo designer AliasQTip, este rolador de dados em forma hexagonal apresenta os logotipos de todos os seis generais Valkyrie e é fácil de montar com papel cartão. Ótimo para suas partidas de RPG e Wargames.

Link: Heroscapers.Dice.Bowl.Paper.Model.For.RPG.&

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  1. Cool item ... very useful in gaming.... Hello from Marshville...Stacey / "Dr. Theda"... Have a pleasant week !!