Monday, November 13, 2017

Pacific Rim - Gipsy Danger - USA Jaeger Paper Toy In Minecraft Style
by Pixel Papercraft

From Pixel Papercraft papercraft community and with credits to Jojesper for the Bendable Generator (the program wich unfold the model), Speedstacker87 for the request and skin by Larkaywatt. This is the paper toy version in Minecraft style of Gipsy Danger, character from Pacific Rim, a North American science fiction monster film.

Da comunidade de papercraft Pixel Papercraft e com créditos para Jojesper pelo Bendable Generator (o programa que desdobra o modelo), Speedstacker87 pelo pedido e à Larkaywatt pela skin. Esta é a versão paper toy em estilo Minecraft do Gipsy Danger, personagem do filme norte-americano de Sci-Fi Pacific Rim.


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