Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Halloween Special - 1912`s Halloween Paper Doll - by Carolyn Chester
via Woo Kids Activities

Offered by Wendy Piersall, from Woo website, here is a beautiful and rare Halloween themed vintage paper doll. Wendy said: - "The original artwork appeared in an October, 1912 issue of the (long-defunct) Delineator Magazine. It was illustrated by Carolyn Chester, who made many paper dolls that were ’round bottomed’ and were intended to be more 3-dimensional that the regular flat paper dolls that appeared in most magazines at the time."

Oferecida por Wendy Piersall, do site Woo, eis aqui uma bela e rara antiga paper doll com temática de Dia das Bruxas. Wendy disse: - "A obra original apareceu em uma edição de outubro de 1912 da revista Delineator, já há muito extinta. Foi ilustrado por Carolyn Chester, que fez muitas bonecas de papel que eram "de fundo redondo" e pretendiam ser mais tridimensionais que os bonecos de papel planos regulares que apareciam na maioria das revistas na época."

Link: Halloween.Special.1912`

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