Saturday, May 20, 2017

Star Wars - TIE- Fighter Paper Model - Revised - by Sci-Fi Papercraft

Japanese designer Shunichi Makino from Sci-Fi Papercraft website created this paper model version of the TIE-Fighter, from Star Wars universe, originally in 2002. Now, fifteen years later, he launches the second version, full of improvements, making the model so faithful Like plastic kits sold for a few tens of dollars.

O designer japonês Shunichi Makino, do site Sci-Fi Papercraft, criou este modelo em papel da TIE-Fighter, do universo de Star Wars, originalmente no ano de 2002. Agora, quinze anos depois, ele lança a segunda versão, cheia de melhoramentos, fazendo com que o modelo seja tão fiel quanto os kits plásticos vendidos por algumas dezenas de dolares.


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    1. Hello, Janos,

      The model still up to download at the website. Just look at the botton of the page, aside the last photo of the Tie Fighter.

    2. Yeah right, it is just next to the old model which confused me. My Japanese is faaaar from perfect... :D