Friday, April 7, 2017

1991`s Mortal Kombat II Arcade Paper Model - by Nelson Robles

This is the classic 1991`s Mortal Kombat II arcade machine, here in a cool paper model version created by North American designer Nelson Robles. Looking for the template, I think this model is something about 1/12 scale, but I am not sure. Don`t let to see also the 1992`s Mortal Kombat Arcade paper model, already posted here (link below).

Esta é a clássica máquina de arcade Mortal Kombat II, de 1991, aqui em uma versão em papel muito bacana criada pelo designer norte-americano Nelson Robles. Olhando para o template, eu acho que este modelo está na escala aproximada de 1/12, mas não tenho certeza. Não deixe de ver também o Arcade de Mortal Kombat, de 1992, também já postada aqui (link logo abaixo).

Link to Mortal Kombat II: 1991`

Link to Mortal Kombat: 1992`

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  1. That looks like Street Fighter II to me.
    Plus the link to the MK2 one is broken.
    It's a bit late for an April Fool's joke.

    1. You are an arrogant person. But the link has been fixed, so thanks for the alert, anyway. You need to know that in the western countries, first came the MK 2, which was given the name of Mortal Kombat only. Then came the MK 1, which for obvious reasons was named MK2.

    2. Why did you have to call me arrogant? I was just trying to help.

    3. Well, I don`t know where you from or what education you have, but where I came, sarcasm is arrogance. Is not the first time you comment in a arrogant way. If it is normal to you, patience. I do not want to polemize, so if this is normal in your culture, just ignore what I said. I really don`t care. I will not answer more about this.