Monday, January 9, 2017

Sniffles The Frost-Breathing Dragon Paper Toy - by Liz McLean Knight

According to Liz McLean Knight, designer of this nice paper toy, Sniffles is basically an “albino” in the dragon community. Through a strange combination of recessive genes, he doesn’t breathe fire, he breathes frost, which means he chills whatever he breathes on.

 photo sniffles-kleenexmodel papercraft via papermau 02_zpsv31nfecm.jpg

De acordo com Liz McLean Knight, a designer deste paper toy bem bacana, Sniffles é basicamente um "albino" na comunidade dos dragões. Através de uma combinação estranha de genes recessivos, ele não espele o fogo, ele espele gelo, o que significa que ele congela tudo que ele sopra.


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