Saturday, January 14, 2017

Caramel & Cream Teddy Bears Paper Toys - by Kaorin Minogue & COSPA

Comissioned by Canon Japan and designed by Kaorin Minogue & COSPA, from Graphig Company, these are the paper toys of Caramel & Cream Teddy Bears. You will need to print three sheets of paper to build each one.

Encomendado pelo site da Canon do Japão e criado por Kaorin Minogue & COSPA, da Graphig Company, estes são os paper toys dos Ursinhos Caramel & Cream. Você terá que imprimir três folhas de papel para montar cada um deles.

Link to Caramel: Caramel.&

Link to Cream: Caramel.&

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    1. You can find them at the canon website.

    2. Link fixed! Thanks for the alert! :)