Thursday, January 7, 2016

UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects Papercraft Series - by Hol Nice

The first model of this post is new. The other three have already been posted here on the blog. Now here they are all together in this very original papercraft series created by Japanese designer Hol Nice, from Ginrei Mokei website.

 photo h.type.ufo.papercraft.via.papermau.002_zps6rypcmaf.jpg

O primeiro modelo deste post é inédito. Os outros três já foram postados aqui no blog. Agora aqui estão todos eles juntos, nesta série bem original criada pelo designer japonês Hol Nice, do site Ginrei Mokei.

 photo h.type.ufo.papercraft.via.papermau.003_zpsfpwftzgd.jpg

Link 01: UFO Papercraft Series - The H Type UFO Paper Model - by Hol Nice

Link 02: UFO Papercraft Series - The Triangle UFO Paper Model - by Hol Nice

Link 03: UFO Papercraft Series - The Cigar Type UFO Paper Model - by Hol Nice

Link 04: UFO Papercraft Series - The Ancient Japanese UFO Paper Model - by Hol Nice

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