Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Special - Trick 'r Treat - Sam Paper Toy - by Paperized

Created by designer and modeler Paperized, you need only one sheet of paper to build this cool paper toy of Sam, character from 2007`s horror movie Trick 'r Treat.

 photo Trick r Treat Sam by Paperized via Papermau.002_zpsmgfn7drk.jpg

Criado pelo designer e modelista Paperized, você precisará de apenas uma folha de papel para montar este paper toy do Sam, personagem do filme de horror Trick 'r Treat (Contos do Dia das Bruxas, no Brasil), de 2007.

Link: Halloween.Special.Trick.r.Treat.Sam.Paper.Toy.by.Paperized

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  1. Little Sam is my favorite Halloween character...
    Hello from Marshville, my Friend... from Stacey / (Dr. Theda)


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