Thursday, July 30, 2015

Boeing X-45C Concept Military Aircraft Paper Model - by Neddo

This paper model of the Boeing X-45C Concept Military Aircraft was created by Japanese designer Neddo and originally posted at Pepakura Gallery. The Boeing X-45 unmanned combat air vehicle is a concept demonstrator for a next generation of completely autonomous military aircraft, developed by Boeing's Phantom Works. - To view and print this model you will need Pepakura Viewer Free Version (link at the end of this post).

 photo boeing.aircraft.paper.modelby.neddo.via.papermau.001_zpssu0ndlsi.jpg

Este modelo de papel da Aeronave Militar Conceitual Boeing X-45C foi criado pelo designer japonês Neddo e originalmente postado no site Pepakura Gallery. O Boeing X-45 foi criado para apontar os conceitos para a nova geração de aeronaves de combate, um veículo militar completamente autônomo, desenvolvido pela Boeing's Phantom Works. - Para visualizar e imprimir este modelo você precisará do Pepakura Viewer Versão Gratuíta (link no final deste post).

Link to download the model:

Link to Pepakura Viewer Free Version: Pepakura.Viewer.Free.Version.Official.Page

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