Thursday, May 21, 2015

Robin Hood: Mischief In Sherwood - Robin Paper Toy - by Pop Fun

From Robin Hood Mischief In Sherwood tv series, here is the Robin Hood paper toy, offered by Pop Fun, British educative chanel. Robin Hood: Mischief In Sherwood follows the adventures of the young Robin of Locksley, who is full of energy, courage and humor. At 10 years old, Robin and his friends live a lot of adventures at Sherwood forest.


Da série de animação inglesa Robin Hood: Mischief In Sherwood, este é o paper toy do Robin Hood, oferecido pelo canal de educativo Pop Fun. Robin Hood: Mischief In Sherwood mostra as aventuras do jovem Robin de Locksley, que é cheio de energia, coragem e humor. Aos 10 anos, Robin e seus amigos vivem muitas aventuras na floresta de Sherwood.


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