Saturday, February 7, 2015

Paper Models From Japanese Videogames, Animes And Mangás
by Paperman Returns

 photo superman returns papercraft series.001_zpsp0unsnbg.jpg

Paperman is a Japanese designer that creates paper models of Japanese Pop Culture icons, from videogames, animes and mangás. A lot of free models in his website.

 photo superman returns papercraft series.002_zpsshkluk1z.jpg

Paperman é um designer japonês que cria modelos de papel de ícones da Cultura Pop Japonesa, de videogames, animes e mangás. Um monte de modelos gratuitos em seu site.

 photo superman returns papercraft series.003_zpssdzivsoh.jpg

Link: Paper.Models.From.Japanese.Videogames.Animes.And.Mangá

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